About Us

Step into the heart of Lynk, a journey where Tradition meets with Cutting-Edge Technology, and the essence of Quality and Taste in every creation. Lynk, a name that resonates with linking tradition with modern technology and using the highest quality raw material to give authentic taste.

Raw Materials โ€“ We source most of ย our raw materials from the biggest manufacturer in India and world and we use third-party & inhouse lab to analyse quality & consistency of each raw material to ensure purity and highest quality so you can experience the best

A Symphony of Tradition and Technology at Lynk, we understand the ever-changing landscape of the vast food industry and the varied desires of our customers. Our aim is to blend the traditional way of making sweet with latest technology using all safety standards and adopting todays Food Safety Standards, ISO & GMP Standards.

Values : Transparency and Integrity In a world where shortcuts and compromises are commonplace, Lynk stands apart. We firmly uphold the values of transparency and integrity. Our guiding principle, "We Do What We Say," remains unwavering regardless of market fluctuations. This unyielding commitment guarantees that when you choose our products, you can do it with absolute confidence, knowing that they will consistently deliver the best.

Come Visit our Kitchen: Have you ever been curious about the behind-the-scenes working of your local confectionary? We extend an invitation to catch a glimpse into our kitchen. For us, cleanliness and hygiene hold paramount importance, and we eagerly wish for you to witness firsthand the meticulous care we exercise in handling our materials, ensuring that every product adheres to our rigorous quality standards. At Lynk, we cherish the opportunity to serve you with our finest products. As we continue to Grow and Innovate, we remain committed to excellence, authenticity and customer satisfaction. Join us in this journey, and together, letโ€™s Eat Good and stay healthy with Lynk products.