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Mysore Pak: The Royal Sweet of Karnataka


Mysore Pak, a decadent Indian sweet hailing from the royal kitchens of Mysore, Mysore Pak is a melt-in-your-mouth dessert that requires just three main ingredients – Desi ghee, Milk solids, gram flour (Besan), and Sulphur less sugar. This easy, yet complex treat is all about roasting the besan just right for a nutty aroma and simmering the sugar syrup down to the perfect consistency. A golden square that crumbles in your mouth, brimming with the rich taste of ghee and sugar. Best consumed during festivals and fare, Mysore Pak is an epitome of Indian sweets.

Origins and History:

The treat was first made in the kitchens of the Mysore Palace in the 19 th century, by royal cook Kakasura Madappa and named after Mysuru. Made exclusively from Pure Desi Ghee, Sulphurless Sugar, and Chickpea Flour (besan) – However, the mix was too delectable to remain confined within the royal walls, and eventually spread far beyond the Palace.

Easy Recipe for Mysore Pak:


As simple as it may seem, the perfect Ghee Mysore Pak recipe is a magical fusion of only three ingredients: Desi ghee, sugar, milk solids and gram flour (Besan). However, the ideal preparation and perfect proportion at the perfect time. The richness of ghee depends on its taste and flavor. It gives Mysore Pak its characteristic richness. Sugar is what gives the structure sweetness in the process. Besan provides an adequate texture whereas.





  • We heat desi ghee in a pan and slowly add besan batter to it while stirring it to avoid any lumps.
  • Later, we add sugar and Milk solid to it and cook the mixture until it is thick and fudgy.
  • We then pour this batter into a greased tray, allow it to cool.
  • And cut it into square or diamond shapes before serving it.


Some great tips for making Mysore Pak at home are:

  • Use high-quality ghee because it makes the biggest difference.
  • Roast the gram flour well but patiently on a low flame to avoid burns.
  • For better consistency, make sure the sugar syrup is one string.
  • Do not overheat the batter after adding sugar; or else, the last produced product will be too hard


Texture and Taste:

The more attractive aspect of Mysore Pak is its texture and taste. A high amount of desi ghee i.e. more than 50% by weight of besan is combined with besan to give it a smooth, velvety touch that melts smoothly in the mouth. The sweetness is enough to let you have sweet with besan and ghee aroma in your mouth. With every bite, you get a delicious blend of buttery bliss and ghee and chickpea flavor.


Celebrations and Festivities:

Mysore Pak is the most popular and royal sweet of Karnataka’s cultural celebrations. Specifically, during Diwali and other feasts like weddings. It is also shared with friends and family. Featuring at royal events, Mysore Pak is an essential ingredient in feast meals and other significant ceremonies.



How long can I store Mysore Pak?

Mysore Pak can last upto a week at room temperature due to the ghee and sugar content when stored in an airtight container. But it’s usually best to eat it fresh.

Is making Mysore Pak difficult?

It might take some time to make it perfect. The consistency of the Mysore Pak must be just right- not too dry or not too sticky. Alternatively, it is notably very simple, with just a few elements and no additional difficulty.

Is Mysore Pak gluten-free?

Yes, the gram flour used in regular Mysore Pak is naturally gluten-free. More specifically, it’s 100 percent gluten-free.

Where to keep leftover Mysore Pak?

Ghee and sugar, a type of natural preserves, can naturally be stored for a week at room temperature. Use an airtight container to avoid drying out or absorbing other tastes. Refrigerate in a box which can be stored for up to two weeks.

For what other special occasion is Mysore Pak made?

Mysore Pak is enjoyed for all of the traditional Diwali and Holi festivals, and besides those, it’s still served at weddings, baby showers, and other happy occasions.



In the vast and delightful world of Indian dessert, Mysore Pak is nothing less than the holy grail of delicacies and royal extravagance! Beyond the sugar and buttery goodness lie some epic historical flavors, and the Mysore Pak has been ruling the culinary scene with extended preserves and nostalgic servings. With the perfect sweet mix packed to its limits, it has conquered hearts and festivities across decades! So, when you next feel royal vibes, grab a piece of Mysore Pak and let your tongue cruise through the taste of Karnataka’s royal confectionary.

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